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Multi Head

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Base: Cast Aluminum ½" Thick
12" Diameter Standard Surface Mount w/Anchor Bolts
All UL Approved Components

Pole Shaft: 4" Diameter ⅛" Thick Seamless
Extruded Aluminum

Head Options: Acorn (20" Tall)
Round (15" Tall)
Lampshade (10½" Tall)
Lantern (19" Tall)

Light Source Options: Low Intensity: Incandescent
High Intensity: Metal Halide
High Pressure Sodium
Mercury Vapor

Standard Height: 9' 6" (Custom Heights Available)

Finish: See our OPTIONS PAGE for choice of polyester powder finish.

Description  Globe TypeModel No.WeightPDFAutoCAD
Two Light Round E2R 55 lbs. Specs Specs
  Acorn E2A 55 lbs. Specs Specs
  Lantern E2L 61 lbs. Specs Specs
  Lamp Shade E2LS 65 lbs. Specs Specs
Description  Globe TypeModel No.WeightPDFAutoCAD
Three Light Round E3R 60 lbs. Specs Specs
  Acorn E3A 60 lbs. Specs Specs
  Lantern E3L 69 lbs. Specs Specs
  Lamp Shade E3LS 75 lbs. Specs Specs
Description  Globe TypeModel No.WeightPDFAutoCAD
Four Light Round E4R 65 lbs. Specs Specs
  Acorn E4A 65 lbs. Specs Specs
  Lantern E4L 77 lbs. Specs Specs